District Improvement Plan Archive

GOAL 1: Student Achievement

Increase the success of all students by prioritizing, planning and implementing recommendations from the School Improvement Plans.

  • By September 2022, KUSD will restructure instructional administrator meetings to designate time and support to ensure that 100% of schools have an operational, data-driven school improvement plan in place by the start of the 2023-24 school year.
    • Due Date: Sept. 2022
    • Progress:听 Met
  • All KUSD schools will implement a School Improvement Plan by the start of the 2023-24 school year that includes a school culture goal promoting positive relationships and mutual respect amongst students, parents and staff.
    • Due Date: Sept. 2023
    • Progress:听 Met

GOAL 2: Fiscal Responsibility

Implement transparent fiscal management practices that prioritize and align resources with strategic goals.

  • KUSD will engage in an inclusive and transparent process with the school board, staff, administration, and public to create recommendations that result in an annually balanced budget.
    • Due Date: 2023-24 school year
    • Progress:听 Met

GOAL 3: Effective and Engaged Workforce

Retain and recruit highly qualified staff who work to ensure the success of every student.

  • By the end of January 2023, KUSD will hire an additional 40 substitute or teachers in unfilled positions in order to alleviate substitute shortages in schools.
    • Due Date: Jan. 2023
    • Progress:听 Met
  • By June 2023, KUSD will identify strategies to increase the diversity of staff by 5% by June 2026.
    • Due Date: June 2023
    • Progress:听 Met

GOAL 4: Family and Community Engagement

Foster and strengthen community partnerships to increase student learning and family engagement.

  • By June 2023, KUSD will create and implement at least four districtwide family education programs to increase family engagement, which further supports student learning.
    • Due Date: June 2023
    • Progress:听 Met