KUSD AP Exam Policy

Students who are enrolled in an AP course are not required to take the College Board AP exam, however, the option is available for students to register and participate in the College Board AP exam.聽 Students do not need to be currently enrolled in an AP course to register for and participate in an exam.聽 The cost of the AP exam will be the responsibility of the student unless the student qualifies for the Exam Fee waiver.聽 Questions regarding the fee waiver should be directed to the schools AP Coordinator.聽 Exam registration fees and refunds are explained in the registration process.聽 All AP exams will be administered according to the College Board rules, guidelines and dates.聽 If there are any questions regarding Advanced Placement examinations, please contact your school鈥檚 AP Coordinator or the Office of Educational Accountability at 262-359-6259.