School Threat Assessment Coalition

成品人视频 County has established a School Threat Assessment Coalition, which is a partnership among 成品人视频 County鈥檚 District Attorney, law enforcement agencies, social service agencies, and schools and/or school districts. The STACK announced its work in establishing a systematic approach to violence prevention. The coalition鈥檚 strategy will be accomplished by encouraging a communitywide use of (CSTAG), a research-based threat assessment tool.

An integral component is to align everyone involved so the same assessment, principles and language are applied by all organizations involved. Additionally, the coalition seeks to enhance good decision making by sharing vital information where legally allowable.

CSTAG promotes the utilization of consequences, where appropriate, to the fullest extent of the law. When legal consequences are not appropriate, it calls for school and community resources to be utilized to alleviate circumstances that could lead to future acts of violence.

Community members are encouraged to speak up and speak out when they see or hear something of concern. Reports can be made to law enforcement, schools or via the SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT and .

School Threat Assessment Coalition of 成品人视频 member organizations:聽

  • Community Impact Programs, Inc.
  • 成品人视频 County District Attorney鈥檚 Office
  • 成品人视频 County Division of Children and Family Services聽
  • 成品人视频 Human Development Services
  • 成品人视频 Police Department
  • 成品人视频 County Sheriff鈥檚 Department
  • 成品人视频
  • Pleasant Prairie Police Department
  • Twin Lakes Police Department
  • Juvenile Court Intake
  • Westosha Central High School
  • Wilmot High School

Additional participating organizations include:

  • Bristol School District #1
  • Paris Consolidated School
  • Salem School District
  • Silver Lake-Salem Joint #1 School District (Riverview School)
  • Shoreland Lutheran High School
  • Twin Lakes #4 School District (Lakewood School)
  • Wheatland J1 School District