LakeView Advanced Credit and Articulated Credit

LakeView Technology Academy
Bethany Ormseth, Principal

LakeView opened in 1997. It's a unique partnership between 成品人视频 Area Business Alliance, WISPARK Corporation, Gateway Technical College and the 成品人视频. At their school of residence they can participate in activities such as athletics. Students receive a LakeView diploma upon graduation.

  • LakeView was created for students interested in pursing careers in Manufacturing, Engineering, Biomedical, and IT.
  • LakeView has strong ties to local business and industry.
  • LakeView students through the required curriculum received Gateway Technology College credits and KUSD credits.
  • KUSD and GTC instructors at the LTA site teach LakeView students.

LakeView Technology Academy students typically take elective courses that articulate to Gateway Technical College and may receive advanced credit standing at Gateway Technical College+ and the Milwaukee School of Engineering*. Such courses are: Computer Assisted Design 1 (CAD) Intro+, CAD 2+, Digital Electronics+*, Computer Integrated Manufacturing+*, Intro to Engineering Design+*, Principles of Engineering*, Engineering Design & Development, and Civil Engineering & Architecture+*.

For additional information on the LTA and GTC programs, contact the Career & Technical Education department at 359-6304.