Talent Development

Gifted and talented students have unique academic, social, and emotional needs. 成品人视频 utilizes a Multi-Level System of Support (MLSS) as a systematic approach to serving students with gifted needs.聽 Through the MLSS systematic approach, KUSD is committed to providing 聽appropriate level of academic challenge to every student along with meeting the social emotional needs of every student through opportunities for appropriate programming.

The MLSS Framework creates an integrated and seamless continuum of service for students. Through strong differentiated instruction, teachers provide students with a variety of opportunities and options for success during the universal classroom instruction provided for all students. However, when differentiating is not enough for a student to grow, students will be given select services. The movement between the multilevel systems of support is a fluid process based on student needs. Needs are determined through an ongoing balanced system of assessments. A student may need enrichment at some times and not others and in some subjects or all subjects. Needs are continually assessed and instruction/enrichment is adjusted as needed. Before a student is eligible to receive intensive enrichment services, an identification process must first be completed.


The Office of Teaching and Learning