District Improvement Plan

KUSD District Improvement Plan

Moral imperative: All students will have an equal opportunity to prepare for college and/or careers with the support of highly qualified educators in a learning environment that is resource rich, safe, and welcoming.

GOAL 1: Student Achievement

Increase the success of all students by prioritizing, planning and implementing recommendations from the School Improvement Plans.

  • Maintain ongoing continuous improvement efforts by:
    • Implementing a system of differentiated support for schools by hosting no less than 8 School Improvement Plan (SIP) Cohort meetings by June 2024 that will include the additional support of key school leaders.
      • Progress:听green check mark Met

    • By June 2024, implement the survey for all students in grades 6-12 and share results with educators for the purposes of continuous improvement.
      • Progress: yellow check mark聽Partially Met – uneven implementation

    • Develop Growth of a Graduate competencies for Board approval by August 2023.
      • Progress:听green check mark Met

  • By June 2024, the KUSD kindergarten through 8th grade overall Median Conditional Growth (MCG) percentile for MAP Reading and Math will meet or exceed the 50th percentile.
    • Progress: work in progress In-progress
      • Math MCG results improved from 43% in June, 2022 to 47% in June, 2023
      • Reading MCG results improved from 42% in June, 2022 to 47% in June, 2023

  • By June 2024, the percentage of high school students meeting the ACT Reading and Math college readiness benchmark of 22 will increase by at least 2 percentage points from the 2022-23 school year.
    • Progress: work in progress In-progress
      • The percentage of students meeting the college readiness benchmark in reading increased by 1.1 percentage points from 30.3% in June, 2022 to 31.4% in June, 2023.
      • The percentage of students meeting the college readiness benchmark in math decreased by 2.0 percentage points from 20.5% in June, 2022 to 18.5% in June, 2023.

  • By June 2024, each School Improvement Plan (SIP) will include at least two school culture indicators intended to improve positive relationships and build respect among students and staff.
    • Progress:听green check mark Met

GOAL 2: Fiscal Responsibility

Implement transparent fiscal management practices that prioritize and align resources with strategic goals.

  • Engage in an inclusive transparent rightsizing process by December 2023 by forming a Rightsizing Committee, hosting community engagement sessions, and issuing a survey to staff and community members.
    • Progress:听 Met

  • Present a transparent, fiscally responsible rightsizing recommendation to the Board of Education by December 2023 to help offset the projected deficit for the 2024-25 fiscal year.
    • Progress:听 Met

GOAL 3: Effective and Engaged Workforce

Retain and recruit highly qualified staff who work to ensure the success of every student.

  • By June 2024, implement these strategies to increase diversity:
    • Develop 鈥淕row Your Own鈥 programs to establish career and certification pathways for staff and students already in KUSD
      • Student-focused: Educators Rising is our student career pathway to becoming a teacher
      • Staff-focused: develop pathways to becoming a teacher, especially for educational support professionals and administrative support professionals
      • Progress: yellow check mark聽Partially Met
    • Foster and strengthen relationships with targeted regional universities through connections, flyers and informational emails for students attending career fairs, as well as student teacher placements within the district.
      • Progress:听 Met

  • Increase the diversity of newly hired staff by 5% between July 2024 and June 2027.
    • Progress: work in progress In-progress

  • By January 2024, KUSD will implement and publish on its staff intranet a clear process for hiring and Reduction in Force.
    • Progress:听 Met

GOAL 4: Family and Community Engagement

Foster and strengthen community partnerships to increase student learning and family engagement.

  • Increase 2023-24 Even Start enrollment numbers by 25% by June 2024 with all participants attending at least 75% of all sessions.
    • Progress: yellow check mark聽Partially Met

  • Host family engagement programs in partnership with 25% of schools that have not previously worked with the Community Relations Department by June 2024.
    • Progress:听 Met

  • Offer two opportunities for families who speak languages other than English to participate in family education programs by June 2024.
    • Progress:听 Met


Past District Improvement Plan work that has been met is captured in the archive for review and historical purposes.